Sunday, October 21, 2018
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THROUGH THE FRANCISCAN LENS is a visual presentation, which makes an attempt to engage the viewer to reflect on the world in which we live in a Franciscan Way.As a follower of St. Francis, I often wonder how St. Francis could have been so touched by the world. His open heart, which expanded as he embraced the way of the poor Christ, gave him the freedom to welcome the world and all that lives in it.

There were brothers and sisters, not just men and women, but wind and fire and water and sun and moon and animals and even death, itself.   Nothing was to be feared; all was to be loved because we have one God who is Father of us all. He welcomed all. If we could see with his eyes and love with his heart what a different world it would be.   I hope that these images will help you to join St. Francis in celebrating all creation and working to make this world a place of peace and joy and communion.